Buanno Management Service is provides goods and services trucking and other transportation companies need to increase efficiency and profitability. Founded in 1979 by Ron Buanno, BMS mirrors Ron’s passion for trucking, logistics, and transportation. Hand Shake

In an environment of increasing fuel prices, regulatory compliance burden, competition mean that carriers need to operate their companies smarter. When BMS professionals are on the job Fleet owners enjoy increased earnings and smoother operations. So regardless if you are a one truck owner operator or large fleet Transportation Consulting Service will steer you through the maze of challenges on the road to success.

Shippers also benefit from knowledge expertise of BMS professionals. Packaging, carrier selection, and warehousing are just a few of the logistics management questions that shippers large and small need answering. Again BMS Transportation Consulting Service Service will satisfy your customers needs better than your competitors.

Do you need to know where your vehicles are and what they are doing? Tracker in Motion provides a simple and cost effective solution. Is engine idleing driving up

BMS has extensive expertise training, and implementing quality GPS tracking and communication systems into fleet vehicles of all sizes.

In today’s transportation marketplace companies need more than diesel, drivers, and tires; they need computers. BMS has the expertise in Transportation Information Systems to guide you through selection and implementation of everything from automatic dispatch systems to desktop PCs and small and large networks. Contact us and we'll tell you how.