RigMaster Power RigMaster Power manufacturers a complete stand-alone Auxiliary Power Unit that runs all night on what an idling truck burns in two hours. So turn off your engine and turn on a RigMaster.

Higher fuel prices, new EPA requirements and the adoption of anti-idling regulations have combined to create a challenging cost envorinment for fleets and owner operators. RigMaster APUs relieve growing operating costs and stabilize risks in a volatile marketplace.

RigMaster Power APUs features the following functions that not only save fuel but add operational efficiencies:

RigMaster Power APU
  • Heating & Air Conditioning for the sleeper berth – driver comfort and security
  • 6000 W 120v electrical power to run appliances – driver comfort and increased vehicle utility
  • Powers existing block heater – no cold starts and warm up before driving
  • 60 Amp alternator charges batteries – no expensive jump starts and extends battery life
  • Fits all class 8 trucks – ease of installation with no special brackets
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime – designed to work well in the harshest environments
  • Parts designed for the heavy duty truck market and 1000 hour maintenance intervals – increase trouble free uptime and reduce the cost of ownership.
  • Power Units and parts are available from the BMS - RigMaster Shopping pages.
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Attention Fleet Owners:

Are you planning on deploying APU systems on more than just a few tractors? Contact BMS and we will show you how a managed deployment will produce a smooth operation and lower the cost of ownership. From onsite installation / maintenance training, equipment leasing and quantity discounts BMS will maximize the cost savings a RigMaster APU systems bring to your fleet.

Click her to contact BMS and start realizing the promise of fuel and maintenance savings.

EPS Smartway

RigMaster APUs a EPA Verified SmartWay Technology

As an EPA SmartWay technology RigMaster APU installations in some instances meet eligibility requirements to receive a National Clean Diesel Emission Reduction Program (DERA) grant. Having said that the grant application process is cumbersome and even if your installation qualifies you may not get one. The savings from a successful grant application are significant and will further positively affect your bottom line. BMS will guide qualified RigMaster customers through the process and increase your chance of actually receiving one of these DERA grants.

Please click here for information on EPA’s SmartWay Technology.

Please click here to contact BMS about help guiding you through the DERA grant process as a part of you purchase, installation and implementation of RigMaster APU systems in your tractors.