Rigmaster, Inc.

RigMaster APU with T4 Final Engine; 6KW Generator Model; Dual Blower; Australian outback air condition with 600CFM/24000btu; 1yr/2000 hours warran

Model Number: MTS-T46K

Fully Self Contained, Stand-Alone Design - Multiple Auto Start Features AC Generator: 6,000 Watts @ 120 VAC Alternator: 60 Amps For Battery Charging

Rigmaster Part Number MTS-T46K

  • Air-Conditioning: 24,000 BTU; 600 CFM Heating: 13,500 BTU Fuel Consumption: 0.25 gal/hr
  • Various mounting applications for the APU (frame railor catwalk)
  • Fast, Simple Installation Smaller, Lighter, & Quieter Dimensions: 25" D X 25" W X 28%" H Fits on Short Wheel Base Trucks Reduced maintenance due to

List Price: $7,188.00

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