Economical and efficient transport steering and drive tires wear well and increase fuel mileage

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BMS is pleased to announce that we are now offering Triangle Tires for commercial transport vehicles for sale on this website. We have steer, drive and trailer tires all competitively priced with the quality that over the road truckers demand. Testing on actual fleet vehicles has confirmed that these tires wear well even under heavy loads in a variety of road and weather conditions. Moreover road worn tires are take re-caps very well. As such these tires create value that adds to your bottom line.

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Please select the tire size that meets your needs and we’ll ship them directly to you. Can’t find the size you need for your application click here and fill out the contact form so that you can get just the size and type of tires your commercial vehicles need.

SizePRModel NoLoad Index SingleLoad Index DualTread DepthSpeed RatingRim WidthSection WidthOverall Diameter (mm)Single MaxLoad (kg)Dual MaxLoad (kg)Pressure (kpa)

Part Number: TS01
EcoTrip Series Steering Tire - FET Included

Selling Price:

Part Number: TRD01
EcoTrip Series Drive Tire - FET Included

Selling Price:

About Triangle Tires:

Triangle commercial truck tires from BMS are quality and long wearing that you need at a price that you’ll appreciate.

Triangle is China’s largest and oldest tire manufacturer. Triangle manufacturers tires that hold up to the rigors of the worlds roads. From high speed limited access highways of the developed world to the rough back roads of the developing world truckers of all nations need truck tires that hold up and last. Triangle tires do just that.

At we are all about providing the goods and services that give carriers savings and efficiency. We have tested Triangle Tires on a fleet running primarily in the Northeast United States and Triangle has exceeded our expectations as to the rigors of heavy loads pulled in extreme weather and road conditions.