GPS tracking communication devices have been around for a while now. As time has gone on, many companies have introduced all sorts of GPS communication devices that range from simple to very complex. At BMS we have been selling and installing GPS – Mobile Data Comm for as long as they have existed. What we have learned is that when the features and functions of the system match your needs they create true value.

Fleet Tractors

At we offer GPS vehicle monitoring systems to the trucking marketplace. For simple vehicle and personnel tracking where you are only charged a tracking network fee as you use it there is BMS Tracker in Motion. Need more information than simple tracking is pleased to introduce Teltonika FM4300 In addition to GPS reporting the Teltonika FM?? delivers much more. CAM engine data, door open/close, trailer temp, and remote shut off are but a few of the features built into the Teltonika system.

BMS - Tracker In Motion

BMS Tracker in Motion

The BMS – Tracker in Motion product is a revolutionary development in the transportation marketplace because of its size and cost makes it the most flexible and cost effective GPS tracking device available anywhere at any price.

BMS Tracker in Motion
  • SIZE – At 2.60” X 1.42” X 0.79” and only weighs in at 2.44 oz the Tracker in Motion has a smaller foot print than a standard credit card. It’s totally self-contained with an internal battery makes of easy if non existent installation problems. It also means there are limitless opportunities for uses. Click here for GPS tracking shopping page.
  • PAY AS YOU GO – Only pay for tracking network usage that is actually used. It doesn't matter if the messages are used in days or months. If the trackers aren't being used there is no cost.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Combine the compact size and self containment features create flexibility of usage in the transportation marketplace beyond vehicle tracking. If it moves Tracker in Motion can tell you where it is. Truck, trailers, passenger vehicles, construction equipment and people can be tracked. Installations can be either covert or overt whatever your tracking need is Tracker in Motion solves it. Tracking interface screen
  • SIMPLICITY – Easy to use, with our free web-based software and your own private tracking account
  • TWO MODELS – TM01 is for good general purpose tracking while the TN02 has improved and more advanced capabilities. Click here for GPS tracking shopping page.